Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Time Blogger

Well here I go blogging like the rest of you mommies! I am hopefully going to learn all the tricks of the trade soon. I hope I can keep up the posting so it is interesting for those of you checking periodically. I enjoy reading everyone's blogs so much and seeing the pictures of our growing little ones.

Tomorrow is the fist day of July. I can't believe it. The summer is going by so fast, I would normally be thinking of how many days until I return to school, but since I have decided to stay at home this year, it will seem rather strange not going back when Josh returns soon. It has been a blessed past 2 months. Lydia's arrival was the most wonderful gift that Josh and I have ever given each other. Parenthood is so wonderful. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't thank God for what a miracle He blessed us with. "Lydibug" is such a sweet baby. She is very content and happy most of the time. She is now starting to smile and laugh a little. She weighed 12 lbs at her 2 month check up with Dr. Patty. I weighed her this week and she was getting very close to! I can't believe how she is growing so fast. She is already wanting me to hold her up close to my shoulder, instead of cradling her like a baby. She is always so interested in what is going on around her.

During the 2 months she has been alive, she has gotten to have 2 addresses. We just moved back to Bowling Green from Georgetown. We miss our friends, church and schools so much, but know that Lydia needs to be close to her extended family. It is such a blessing to get to come home and live close to family and share her with them. We are very excited that Aunt Sara and Uncle Darren got moved back to BG today too! We look forward to many visits and spoiling from them. They came over tonight with Nana and Papa for dinner. It was so good to sit around the table and talk and pass her around. Lydia loves when we have visitors for dinner! She gets a lot of attention.

Check out the great picture Jill took of her at 2 months. I could just stare at it all day. Jill did a great job capturing her sweet smile. I will have more pic. to post later.