Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

This weekend Lydia, along with Papa, Nana and I, went to Josh's school fall festival. This is a picture of a proud, sugar-filled Lydia after we got home. She absolutely LOVED having a kitten painted in PINK, her favorite color, on her face at Daddy's school. I believe that she now thinks that Daddy goes to a big play place everyday.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice x2

We are having another GIRL!!!! The Lord has fully blessed us once again with a sister for Lydia. I am looking forward to watching Lydia and her sister grow up as the best of friends. I know how special a sister is and am so glad that Lydia will get to have one that she can share clothes and secrets with.

I am 17 weeks along in my pregnancy. I went to Precious View to get a gender prediction ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and they are pretty sure that it is a girl. Dr.B will do an ultrasound on Nov. 12, so we will get another look. But for now, I am going to agree with Precious View and think of girl names!! My parents, sister, Josh and Lydia got to go with me to the ultrasound. It was really nice to share that moment with them. I can't wait to bring her home from the hospital in March!!!

Jackson's Orchard

We went to Jackson's Orchard with my sis and her kids a couple of Sunday's ago. I don't advise us locals to go on the weekend- it was packed full of kids! But nonetheless, Lydia loved being with her cousins and having a good ol' Pumpkin time!

Water, Sand, Relaxation and FUN

We had the most wonderful trip to Destin during Josh's Fall Break this October. We loved the family time, hot weather, beautiful ocean, fun sand, eating out at cool places, and being with close friends like the Deaton's. We can't wait to go back next year with both our little girls!!! Enjoy our slide show! (sorry some of the pics repeat)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Special Week

This has been the most special week. First off, I was so excited that one of my best friends Valerie gave birth to the most handsome little boy, Luke. I have so enjoyed the anticipation of his arrival with my friend. We have spent a lot of time gabbing over the past months about how much baby #2 would change both our lives (for the better). Even though, I am only 14 1/2 weeks along in my pregancy, it was nice to have 3+ months to share another pregnancy with my close bud. Luke is a doll. I have loved holding him and seeing all his precious newborn expressions as he sleeps and cries. Welcome to the world Prince Luke, I can't wait to get your little playmate here to meet you in six months! I am so happy for Matt, Valerie and big sis Zoe- they have one sweet party of 4 now!!!

( I will have more pics later of cute little Luke, but as I took this picture of his first apperance, my camera battery died, of course! ughghh...)

Last night Lydia had a great time in Nashville with her Nana & Papa and her daddy and me. We went to Disney on Ice. I had never seen an ice performance before. Lydia kept her eyes glued and never got bored. Josh went when he was little and had a really good time with his buddy Melissa. Too bad Melissa couldn't have brought her boys with us this time- We will have to plan that next time! Lydia said Minnie was her favorite!!! Since it was opening night we got tickets at the $8 discount price, which was a steal!!! It was a fantastic show! It is showing in Nashville though this Sunday.