Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The World Race- Pray for Jeff!

Our very good friend Jeff has just arrived in Manilla, Phillipines to begin his year long mission trip with the WORLD RACE. He will travel to a different country each month to help those who are lost spiritually and in need physically. We could not be more proud of Jeff and know with confidence that the Lord has sent him on this year long journey. Please make a note somewhere to remember Jeff daily in your prayers as he needs strength to endure such a change of lifestyle and the knowledge to help reach out to those who need to know Christ through him. You can click below to read more about his journey (which has just begun this week) and to keep in contact with him. Also I will have a link for him on my sidebar of my blog!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hanging with my Grandmothers

Sending a big kiss to you today:

Lydia spent some quality time with her grandmothers this week-
Her and Grandmommie stayed in a hotel (with Mommy) in Louisville where Grandmommie had a conference to attend. We loved the pool and breakfast buffet! The mall was a fun getaway too!
Nana showed Lydia a fun time on the mall carousel- she had to ride it again and again!!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Play Date!

Top: Lydia & Zoe Zoe
Bottom: Bray Bray and Audrey (she really wanted to continue playing)

Lydia mastering the steps to the slide!

Brayden ready for some action!

Audrey getting tickled!

Zoe getting ready to slide down the big slide.

Lydia resting on Tonya!

Miles and Lydia playing a debut!

Audrey and Lydia- Two sweet ladybugs!

Just a Rockin' in the nursery.

At Grandmommie and Granddaddy's, playdates are always fun with her five cousins.

Since I haven't blogged in awhile, I am posting some fairly new pics of Lydia and her best buds! Most of these pictures are copied from other friends. I have such talented photographer friends, that I just had to blog some of their pics! Also, my camera's battery died today as I began taking pictures at the park. (Thanks to Heather for some great action photos of our angels)

Lydia just loves playing with her buddies. They are so sweet. Today I even caught her and a buddy holding hands. Her friend helped pick her up and they walked through the playground hand and hand. I, too, am extremely fortunate to have friends that help me up and are always at hand reach if I need them! As cheesy as that may sound, I am really thankful for my friends and today I have seemed to reflect on my blessings more than usual! I am thankful for my 16 1/2 month old who always makes me smile with her sweet smile and funny chuckles. She is continuing to grow so fast and become more and more independent. Also, I am thankful for my hard working husband who works two jobs so I can stay at home with our little sweetheart.

Maybe this weather makes me sappy today, but whatever it is, I know it is important to take time and count your blessings each day! And by the way, I am so ready for fall! I have loved this cool weather day!
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