Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Quick Peek Into Baby Riley Jane's Room

I was excited to use the same bedding that Lydia had for RJ's room. I am looking forward to bringing her home to her new little room. Although we used the same furniture and bedding as we did with Lydia, we painted the walls a different color and used browns for the drapes this time. My cousin Kenzi painted the tree behind her bed. (**the small two squares on the wall are reflections from the mirrors)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Showers of Love for Riley Jane

We have been so blessed with great friends that have showered Riley Jane with lots of baby essentials. I have loved opening each gift and putting them away ready for her arrival in the coming month. Here are some highlights from a shower my girlfriends gave me and from another shower given by Josh's sweet school staff.

Melissa, Tonya and Valerie hosted my friends' shower. Valerie was unable to be there because she was at home with a sick little one. These girls sure do take care of me! I love them so much.
My mom, sis and mother-in-law are going to be a big help with the girls in the coming months!
Nana got Lydia a beautiful spring dress that she opened at the shower.

It was great to have my old college roomates Shannon and Kim to celebrate with me at the shower. Kim is also due in a few more weeks. I am so thrilled to have our two so close in age. Aiden will be a close buddy for Riley!!!
Josh's school showered us with a lot of gifts and a money tree. I have gotten to know the staff pretty well over the last two years that I substitute taught there.
One of the teachers made this beautiful cake for us!

Two of Josh's closest teacher pals, Sarah and Krystal hosted the shower at school.
Below are a few of the several teachers (Bethany, Sarah and Sharon) at AS who are also due this summer.

Lydia also enjoyed helping us open gifts for her little sister.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Ready to be a Big Sister

We are all very excited to bring baby Riley Jane home from the hospital the end of March. I can't wait to have another little girl to watch grow and change. I know Lydia will be a great big sister. She loves talking to Riley and praying for her everyday. She tells me quite often what all Riley will and won't be able to do when she gets here. In preparation for her arrival, we took Lydia to the Medical Center's Big Sister Class last night. She was so cute holding her baby doll and listening attentively on our tour of the nursery, waiting room and mommy postpartum room. She also made sure she was front and center when the nurse talked about tips on helping with little siblings. She is so proud already of Riley and I can't wait to watch her beam the first time she sees her little sister!!! They will be best friends for life!

Another Snow Day- January 30, 2010

Lydia loved the snow that came the last week of January. Josh got a sled out of the shed that he and his sister had when they were little. It was still in mint condition, since we don't have many opportunities to sled these days. She had a good time having daddy pull her around! And we loved having daddy home from school.