Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gatlinburg Fun

We had a great 7 day vacation in Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago. We saw 5 bears along the way and enjoyed Dollywood, hiking, eating out and shopping. I think we take G'burg for granted sometimes because it is so convient to go there, but it is such a beautiful place and fun adventure for everyone of all ages. Seeing it through a toddler's eyes is amazing, especially when she yells from the backseat for the hundredth time " look a mountain"- priceless!
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A Camping We Will Go...

We went camping this past weekend in Lexington at the KY Horse Park. We totally recommend it. This was our first time there. We lived within a 10 min drive distance from the park for six yearsand never camped there, but knew of several people that had so we wanted to try it out because we had been invited to some fun festivities in Gtown this past weekend. The weather was perfect and even got really cool on Sunday night. We arrived on Saturday and left Monday night around 5pm. If you are looking for a FUN and CHEAP vacation, this is the place for you. They have one of the nicest pools I have ever been in and plenty of activities: basketball courts, sand volleyball, tennis, etc. There is a store/gift shop that has everything from fire wood to soft serve frozen yogurt, there is also Shaved Ice trucks set up and golf carts to rent too. I saw a lot of people riding bikes from young to old, so you can probably rent those too. The bath houses were really nice too.

"Tent Sweet Tent"- home away from home! We were all nestled between too trees, which gave us plenty of cool shade.

Anna Pryor came to visit Lydia's new place, along with her Mommy, Daddy and baby brother Collin.

Nothing like cooking your own hotdog and picnic food.

Lydia was all smiles the whole weekend. She loved the trip. Our first night, she kept giggling in the tent, she thought it was so neat and then she woke up the next morning and kept hugging us, a sure testimony of a happy camper!

It was nice to get away from the tv, computer, etc life and enjoy outdoor stuff. Here is Lydia and Daddy blowing bubbles after playing hard at the playground.

The playground equipment was meant for bigger aged kids, but with help, she got to do some fun stuff- the slides were huge!
On Monday night when it was time to close up our area and put down the tent, Lydia was not finished with her 3 hr. nap- she had played and swam hard that morning. We deflated the air bed and she kept sleeping in it, so then we needed to take down the tent and she kept sleeping, so we just moved her outside under the tree while we took the tent down.
Still "One Happy Camper." It was a great trip!

I didn't take as many photos as I usually do on trips, we were really busy. On Sat. night, Lydia got to see our beautiful July bride, Kristen, at her shower. Lydia enjoyed helping her open her presents. Lydia will be her flower girl in 3 weeks! We had a great time visiting with our friends from church on Sunday and eating out with them. It was great to have some friends pop over to our campsite for a little bondfire fun too. Also, on Monday night we got to see my old school team that I taught with. We had a great time visiting with my old crew and their children. We had a lot of toddlers and babies running around at the S.C. Park. I miss them all so much. It was so great to be with my old Church Family and School Family.
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