Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strawberry Pickin'

I remember pickin' strawberries with my mom when I was little and how good they tasted with some powdered sugar on the side when I came in from playing outside with my siblings on a hot summer day. I also remember going to my Ma and Pa's house to pick blackberries and how black my fingers would get, but it was well worth it!!

I remember my mom putting her hair back in a bandanna and sweating through the job of picking berries just to give her family a nice desert treat. Now here I am in my early 30s, trying to give my daughter the same memory. I didn't sweat and work nearly as hard as my mom would, I didn't take Lydia to a family berry location and I didn't wear my hair tied back in a bandanna.

BUT, we did get to pick some wonderful strawberries!!! YUMMO! We traveled to a place right outside of our state line and along with Lydia and her 2 year old buddies, we got to see berries ripe and ready to be picked. Lydia was the first to jump in and pick the first berry and put it in her basket, however she decided very soon that she would rather pick the flowers and play with weeds and sticks...then we had a fun 2 year old meltdown and were ready to call it a day! Thankfully, a trip to McDonalds saved the day!!! We will try it again and just maybe.... I will wear a bandanna!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Josh took his girl on a date last week to the fancy Chick fil-et where they were hosting a special Daddy/Daughter Dinner night. They had a great time. Here are some pics I took right before they left. That girl sure does love her daddy, but who wouldn't!!
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Lydia is TWO

Happy Birthday to my sweet 2 year old Lydia Ann. I can't believe how fast two years have gone by. Her birthday was a few weeks ago on April 23. We celebrated with an Elmo party at the park. She loved having her Papa drive her up on his bike and be suprised at all the friends and family that were waiting for her! She had a great time celebrating and playing with everyone!

She is our sweet baby girl, although she is now more of toddler than a baby. She has a very lively personality that is always ready to meet someone new and explore places around her. She is so funny and loves to dance, sing and read! Elmo and Belle are her favorite characters. She loves any book, picture, doll or movie with either one of them. I can't believe how much she talks and says anything she wants too now. I am daily reminded of the true gift she is to us! We love her so very much and that love is always growing!!