Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy FIRST Birthday Lydia Ann!

Today is the most special day. A year ago Lydia Ann joined our family and has been the most wonderful bundle of joy since! She has blessed our lives with her sweet, friendly personality and loving heart. Her father and I have enjoyed every moment shared with her. She has made us better people and the most lucky parents on Earth! We are truly blessed to have gotten the privilege to be her parents.

Lydia was born in Lexington on a beautiful sunny day at 5:40pm est. Monday, April 23, 2007. She was greeted by aunts and grandparents and many friends. I will never forget how I wanted to savor the moment that they put her in my arms. I wanted that moment to last forever. I was so excited. Josh was very natural at being a daddy from the start. He immediately started singing "Jesus Loves Lydia" to her as they cleaned her up because that is what he had been singing to her for 9 months. He wanted to make sure she knew her daddy was right beside her. He continues to be a tremendous help and wonderful father.

Every month I have said that "This is my favorite month with her." The truth is I have loved every month and with each new month comes something new to her and to me as a mother.

As she is walking, exploring everything, getting new bumps and bruises, jabbering and waving at everyone and everything, I can say that the most wonderful job in the world is: Being a Mom! I love this new role in my life and am so glad that I can never retire from this job. Being able to teach her, mold her, and most important let her be herself is so rewarding! She is lucky to have so many wonderful family members and close friends that will help shape her along the way!

Here are some pictures from Lydia's year:

Her Birthday: April 23, 2007:












12 Month Pictures by Melissa DeVries:

WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL---- Happy Birthday!!