Monday, December 24, 2007

Tonight's the Night....

Santa is coming tonight and oh will he bring lots of gifts! Lydia has been such a good little girl and we are so excited to lay out our milk and cookies for Santa and get in bed fast so that he can come. We hope to get a glimpse of him and his 8 reindeer! Sweet dreams to all and to ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

7 3/4 Months Old

Lydia is almost 8 months. She has had a very fun and playful time during her 7th month. This has been one of my favorite times to watch her grow, play and interact. She has a very fun personality and loves to entertain and be entertained. She gets very excited to be with friends, cousins, and grandparents. She is going through a hair pulling stage (so sorry to all her friends) because she gets so excited to see everyone that she just can't contain her happiness. She is rolling, sitting up, saying "hieeee" and smiles most every moment. She loves to fly in the air, splash in the bathtub, listen to her daddy read books, and put everything in her mouth. Her favorite two things right now are her Johnny Jumper and Pappy (The O's family dog). We fall more in love with her each day and am sure that everyday will be our favorite with our very happy bundle of JOY!