Friday, January 25, 2008

The Big 3-0!!!!!!!!!

So today I am no longer in my "twenties" but have jumped into a new group of numbers. When I was little my parents watched the show, "Thirtysomething" and I remember that being about a bunch of old messed up people. I don't feel any older or different. I do have gray hair coming in on the sides that I like to pull out frequently and hope that the expense of coloring my hair can wait another 10 years down the road.

I had a great birthday. Josh and Lydia got me an MP3 player which I am addicted to putting songs on it. I have already stored over 120 songs on my library on the computer. I am loving finding my favorites and hearing some new favorites. I went to sleep last night listening to it. I love music! The inlaws had my family over for dinner last night and my sweet MIL made me all my favorites. It was so yummy. My mom took me shopping and I got some new clothes. I got a sewing basket with goodies to go along with my sewing machine from my MIL. My sweet buddies, Tonya/Eric and Valerie/Matt along with our sweet girls went out to celebrate tonight at Montana Grill. Tomorrow I will continue the celebrating and spend the day with my sister.

I have had wonderful memories during these first 30 years. I have super family and friends who have helped make those memories so special! Thanks ya'll!!!
I look forward to celebrating and making new memories during the next 30 (and then some) years!

BTW, I want to wish a very special HAPPY Birthday to Amy Kate, who turns 26 today and Isaac who turns the big 3 years old! I am glad we get to have our special days at the same time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sew easy...yeah right!

Well I got my first sewing machine for Christmas and have high hopes on being crafty like my friends Larie, Valerie, Maggie, and Heather. With a simple "napkin demonstration" lesson from Heather on how to make a little taggie thing, I was off to conquer my first stitch. I had to enlist my mother-in-law to help supervise my endeavor. And after a few mess-ups and back stitching, I finally made a little gift for my soon to be nephew due in the coming weeks:

Our G-town Friends

We went to visit friends up in G-town last weekend. It was so good to be with everyone. I have one friend, Erica, who is having twins and I am so EXCITED! She looks absolutely beautiful and will be a great mom to twins this summer. I also got to be with my friend, Courtney and her sweet 2 year old, Anna Pryor. Here is a picture of us. We taught together and have had so much fun being moms. I miss them so much, but am lucky that we talk very often on the phone.

9 months old

Lydia turns nine months old today! I can't believe how time has flown with each new milestone comes more changes...


I am trying to childproof our home as much as possible. It is is crazy how many little corners and messes she gets herself into. Crawling has been so exciting. She started scooting around during months 6 and 7 and during her 8th month, she started crawling everywhere and following me all over the house.

Pulling up and Cruising:

LA has been finding all kinds of things to pull up on. She loves to pull up on my leg and stand when I am sitting down. She loves to pull up on all the furniture and her once-used exersaucer. Cruising has just started and she likes to hold on to the side of the couch and walk. She walks very well with help in holding her hands. Sitting down is a thing of the past, she wants to go, go, go! For the past 3 days she has been letting go and stading for a few seconds on her own.


Lydia loves her bottle, not too keen on the sippy cup we are trying. She would rather eat table food now than baby jar food (although squash and sweet potatoes are still her favorite). Yesterday she went to town eating a multigrain tortilla.


One tooth has been poked out a little for a while now. It is on the bottom on her left side. She has been having all the symptoms of teething quite a bit for a while now, we are ready for those other hiding teeth to come on out!

Having fun:

I love to see her so happy playing with all of her Christmas toys. She loves her Fisher Price music/mirror stage, learning home, and playing with socks. Yes, I did say socks! She can be occupied for hours if you give her a sock. She loves music and claps all the time.

What a joy motherhood is! Josh and I love being parents and our baby girl makes our days so blessed and exciting! She is loved by so many and has so many wonderful family members and friends to grow up with in the coming years. Her ONE YEAR birthday is coming quick, I love cherishing each moment.