Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Riley Jane is 3 months old

Riley Jane is three months old now. She seems very laid back and happy most all the time. We love our "Riley Roo," as Lydia calls her, so much. She weighs over 15 lbs and over 23 inches. She is long and quickly outgrew much of her 3month clothing in length. She sleeps very well at night about 10-11 hours each night. She takes short naps throughout the day. She smiles and likes to coo in unison with me. She loves watching her big sister entertain her and gets very excited to see her. She has made us so happy from the first moment we knew she was joining our life. Enjoy the pics of our precious Riley Jane.


Maggie said...

She is a beautiful girl!! (so is Lydia). and i love your family picture at the top!

Todd and Elizabeth said...

We can't wait to hopefully meet up with you all and finally meet Miss Riley Jane next week! Gorgeoud family :)

April Kay said...

Love her, Sarah! She sounds so laid-back and easy-going at home, just like Mason was! I know you're so thankful for a wonderful sleeper! You make having two look so easy! :) Love you!

teresita3998 said...

Your children are so lovely and I do love the photo of the whole family you have posted here.
I used to visit your site and read the news about your family.
It is nice to know that both you and your husband are in the greatest and respectful job as teachers. In my times, we looked up to teachers with respect compared to these days at how things have changed with the attitude of some students.
I am a care-giver to my 85 yrs old Mom who is still healthy but slightly hard of hearing and love to eat but two hourly at times!
Have a pleasant weekends ahead and fun with your adorable two daughters.